Updated Stress Test (4000+ individually transformed normal mapped meshes at 60FPS)

Should run a bit faster across all machines.


update includes:

  • faster matrix composition
  • bare minimum uploads to GPU by combining the various techniques used in the material into one on the fly.
  • added another material into the demo (normal mapped)
  • added other meshes to you can try and identify where the limits are.. geometry bound or draw call bound


link to updated demo:


controls (as before but also):

p – turns of mouse look

n – changes the mesh being rendered


Quick tip, go full screen in your browser to maintain access to all the keyboard short-cuts. (click the title bar and hit F11 is the usual command I think)

As before any feedback on performance would be great, there is still room for gains but fir the time being I am happy. Would love to hear what someone with an i7 and a beast of a graphics card can achieve.



4 replies on “Updated Stress Test (4000+ individually transformed normal mapped meshes at 60FPS)”

Cheers, should that be 3K rendered or 30K total in the scene? the culling is pretty fast so its more a factor of how many objects are visible in the frustum, could probably have 50,000 objects culled in only a couple of ms but on my machine 4-5 thousand seems to be the absolute max rendered objects.

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