Stage3D stress test (b3d engine) 20,000 primitives ~ 15,000,000 triangles (updated with playable demo)

Click to start.
Mouse move to look
Shift to fly faster
Space to toggle rotation
+ to add 500 doughnuts
– to remove 500 doughnuts
m to change material (4 available)
Once started double click to toggle fullscreen (NOTE all keys bar arrow keys will be disabled)

demo (requires flash player 11 download):

link to play standalone version (better experience):

Let me know how it runs (assuming it does) if you can: frame-rate, number of objects it can handle etcetera.

video 1 (looks like crap so am uploading another one):

video 2 (hopfully looks a bit better..still looks balls, ah well)

Starts to slow down with 2000 – 3000 and above primitives on screen 🙁 there is still room for some efficiency improvements but not bad for now

Demonstrates how essential good culling is, despite what the stats say whilst recording I am able to cull a full scene of 10,000 objects in under 1 ms on the release player no problems…without that it would probably die (with it you can happily navigate a scene with 50,000 objects in it at 60fps on a good machine as the majority are being culled away leaving perhaps only 500-1500 visible at any one time when they are spread out like they are in the demo)