Termite – a vector renderer for stage3d (and possibly other targets)


Just a quick post to introduce Termite. It has been in the making for a long time and shelved for the best part of it.
That said I think I am at a stage now where I think it could be used to create a basic game to test out its capabilities.
For those who don’t know, it is a library that takes content generated in Adobe Flash or Animate and converts it into a GPU friendly format for rendering with stage3d. (I have also done a test in Unity that worked well). It enables developers to render their vector content from the ide on desktop and devices with much higher performance than the traditional cpu renderer.

There are still a number of things I have not yet implemented but plan to and as the video below shows, it has the basics covered!

Here is a quick demo I put together, all the graphics are resolution independent and can be viewed crisply at any zoom.
(Best viewed in fullscreen at maximum quality but still doesn’t do it true justice)

Download slightly better quality here: download

Screenshot of the source fla:

I am thinking I might try to partner up with a game developer or studio to get funding for the last bits of development in exchange for support with the library but am still not 100% on a course of action there.

It works well and performance is good on modern devices too, the above demo runs at 60 fps on my test devices and there is still room for improvement.

I will post more information about features and limitations over the coming weeks and look forward to where the library goes.