Another quick demo of b2dLite, 100,000 animated sprites anyone?

Nothing exiting but made this a while back and though I would share, a simplistic demo but good at showcasing what flash is capable of.

On a decent machine I think it would run at 60 fps.
Mine starts to slow around the 75,000 mark.

So the demo will display up to 100,000 animated sprites on screen depending how brave you are.
It is mouse controlled, the further RIGHT you move it the more it will draw, the further DOWN you move it the bigger the sprites will be rendered.

This allows you to try out a bit of variety.

DEMO HERE (flash player 15 needed for this one)

I added the number of sprites drawn to the stats panel (sadly the stats cost a bit of performance and leaks memory too, but no everyone will be running scout so in it goes).

So see how it runs on your machine and let me know 🙂
Do remember that this is not a final product or a complete lib or anything like that, it is just a showcase of what you can achieve with flash, and quite easily at that. (The whole demo could be condensed into 300-400 lines of easy to follow code including all the Stage3D bits).

Sorry if any machines explode while trying to run it!

Also will try to start posting in here more frequently again soon.

(edit: video added, quality isn’t great but hey ho – best in “hd”)