Hey all, my name is Ben and I’m a flash developer from sunny England! Despite there being about a billion (mild exaggeration) flash blogs out there I figured one more wouldn’t hurt so here it is.

About me:

I started out as a Java programmer but after a dabble in actionscript and flash I got hooked and have been working with it every since.

..more to come as I’m too lazy to add any more at this juncture 😉

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Hello Ben,

I’ve recently found your blog and have enjoyed your many articles. I noticed on one of your blog posting you talk about a 3D file parsing tool you’re building and provide some examples of the binaries it can produce.

I’ve just started playing with stage3D and agal shader. I’m actually in the process of trying to build a very small and basic 3d engine from scratch using stage3D. At the moment, it’s very hard to find any example of stage3D using a 3d file format like md2 or md5, anything with basic 3d model animations.

If possible, would you be willing to send me a copy of your 3d file parsing tool? It would be really great to find some way to run 3d files like md2 or md5 in my project without reinventing the wheel.

Thanks and take care,


Hey Stephen. Sure if you can wait until next week I will happily share it with you with some basic instructions on how to use it.
Also I can share some Stage3D related code too if you can make use of it.
Will post again when I get it put together.

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