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jslf change publish settings

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

a little jsfl snippet to publish the swf with a new name

will add it to google code at some point as a file and with some other bits, but it will have to do till then

note: the code is a mash up of stuff I have found online and my own bits

var tempFileURI = "file:///C|/profile.xml";				//a temp file to store settings in
document.exportPublishProfile(tempFileURI);			//store the buggers

var settings =;				//read em in
var backupSettings = settings;					//backup incase you only want a temp publish settings alteration

var ffnOpen = "";
var ffnClose = "";
var ffnOpenLength = ffnOpen.length;

var swfName = settings.substring(settings.indexOf(ffnOpen)+ffnOpenLength,settings.indexOf(ffnClose));

var newSwfName = prompt("update swf name", swfName);	//doesnt have to come from input box could be hardcoded or derived
if (newSwfName == null || newSwfName.length == 0)
	newSwfName = swfName;

settings = settings.split(swfName).join(newSwfName);	//replace the name	

//voodoo section to make it work
var from = settings.indexOf("");
var to = settings.indexOf("");
var delta = settings.substring(from, to);

settings = settings.split(delta).join("0");

from = settings.indexOf("");
to = settings.indexOf("");
delta = settings.substring(from, to);

settings = settings.split(delta).join("0");
//end voodoo

FLfile.write(tempFileURI, settings);					//write it back to the file now its updated
document.importPublishProfile(tempFileURI);			//import that biatchhh

document.testMovie();							//optional publish